Mustjala / Saaremaa

Writer Jüri Tuulik from Saaremaa has said:
“Saaremaa is not only a geographic point in the Baltic Sea –

Saaremaa is also a spiritual state of mind, which will never leave those who have felt it .”


Mustjala parish is located on the north-wester coast of the island Saaremaa. The area of the parish is 23 596 ha, which is one of the largest of the island but the count of local residents is only 900 – a really low density – about 3 persons per square kilometer. The first mentioning of Mustjala was in year 1645. The local residents were farmers but besides that also fishermen.

Mustjala is famous for its beautiful and untouched nature, being also the area with most forests in Saaremaa.

Popular sights are the highest cliff in Saaremaa – Panga pank, Tagaranna well preserved fishing village and ancient iron melting area east of the village of Tuiu. In 2005 the Saaremaa harbour was completed in Ninase peninsula, which now year to year gathers popularity and attention from crusing ships, which visit it.

The area is also well known for its fond of culture and sports. One of the key events yearly is the Mustjala Festival with international artists taking place from year 1995.

Mustjala area is an attractive place for tourists visiting Saaremaa. Wonderful natural beauty, beaches, ancient buildings with thatched roofs and also the islanders themselves with an enviable sence of humour attract visitors. Mustjala is a great place for rest and enjoying arts.

You are warmly welcomed in Mustjala!