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25-TH – 29-TH of July 2017
Mustjala, Saaremaa

About the Festival

Mustjala Festival is a music festival in Estonia with a tradition. It has invited friends of music to Saaremaa island – a place with great untouched nature, which makes it an excellent place to rest and enjoy culture.
There is much to see and experience – the seaside, juniper trees, windmills, boulder fences and thatched roofs, harbour of Saaremaa in Ninase and certainly also the islanders themselves who have an enviable sence of humour. The peace and quiet in Mustjala and Saaremaa will most certainly help to get away from work, to relax and focus on yourself.
From the year 1995 the festival has brought classical along with jazz music to Saaremaa. The performances have been given by well-known Estonian musicians and foreign guest have also added colour.
Concerts take place is churches, picturesque fishing village of Tagaranna, manor houses of Loona and Pidula, Ninase puhkeküla vacation village, Pidula Trout recreation area but from time to time also in unexpected places like the cannon foxhole in Ninase peninsula built by the Soviet Army in 1939 (open air concert) and others.
Writer Jüri Tuulik from Saaremaa has said:
“Saaremaa is not only a geographic point in the Baltic Sea –
Saaremaa is also a spiritual state of mind, which will never leave those who have felt it .”
The artistic director of the Festival is Mr Aare Tammesalu



25-TH to 29-TH of July 2017

TUESDAY 25-TH OF JULY 2017 at 7pm
in Cannon foxhole in Ninase peninsula built by the Soviet Army in 1939 (open air concert)
Tobiase String Quartet
Programme Shostakovich, Pärt


WEDNESDAY 26-TH OF JULY 2017 at 7pm
in Mustjala Anna church
Arete Teemets – soprano
Norman Illis Reintam – organ (Canada)
Programme Bach, Handel, Tobias, Teemets


THURSDAY 28-TH OF JULY 2017 at 7pm
in Pidula Forell (open air concert)
Estonian Voices

FRIDAY 28-TH OF JULY at 7pm Kihelkonna Culture Center (Community house)
Alexandra Nomidou – piano (France / Greece)
Aare Tammesalu – cello
Programme Beethoven, Chopin, A.Kapp, de Falla

SATURDAY 29-TH OF JULY 2017 at 7pm
Saaremaa Harbour (open air concert)
(open air concert)
Accordionist Rein Orn & friends

Tickets available from Piletilevi ticket office and an hour before each event in every location (cash only).

Tickets 10 / 7 euros.

Organiser reserves the right to make changes in the festival programme.